Monthly Archives: September 2013

For the Love of Trees

A core sample of a tree is a fascinating work of natural art that articulates not only the life of the tree, but the life of the environment we both share.  We read in a tree’s rings about its encounters with drought or disease, as well as learn of its years of plenty.  We can […]

Tree Core Samples


Guiding Principles

While the details will vary for each project, there are some overarching principles that we here at Grateful Trees and Bees employ more often than not: 1. Robert Hunter is right: without love in the dream, it’ll never come true (1). 2. Set your intention and then go with the flow. 3. Listen until you […]

43560 Enterprises, LLC

It has been an exciting year for our family.  We are pleased to announce the formation of 43560 Enterprises, LLC.  This company realizes a long-held dream to provide to individuals, families and community organizations the skills we have been honing for decades.  Our Grateful Trees & Bees division brings together and formalizes the work we […]