About Us

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Our Philosophy

Thank you for your interest in Grateful Trees & Bees.  We are a family owned and operated company located in Durham, North Carolina.  We serve clients in Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park, Morrisville, Carrboro, Pittsboro, Hillsborough, Efland and environs.  It is our pleasure to provide tree services, forestry consulting services, and honeybee hive installation and maintenance.

Good land stewardship is built on simple, basic and affordable actions.  We believe that every landowner has a role to play in contributing to a healthy ecosystem, no matter the size of your property.  GTB is dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities sustainably and intelligently tend the spaces where human needs intersect with the natural world.

We often say in our family, “It isn’t rocket science.”  That’s how we feel about the steps we can each take to begin to live in a way that brings us back into alignment with the natural world.

Every action adds up and no action is too small.  Take pride in your care of a single tree.  Experience the joy of a buzzing honeybee hive.  Engage in the cycle of life and replant a forest of trees for your grandchildren’s children.  These seemingly small acts, performed in backyards and woodlands across America, do matter.

It is our family’s honor to help your family embark on these important first steps.  To learn more about our company, we invite you to Meet Our Humans!

Loblolly Pine Timber HarvestGuiding Principles

While the details will vary for each project, there are some overarching principles that we employ more often than not:

1. Robert Hunter is right: without love in the dream, it’ll never come true (1);

2. Set your intention and then go with the flow;

3. Listen until you can hear the voice within you; work until your muscles ache with growth;

4. Look around you for what’s required – life provides for necessity;

5. Show up.



(1) via The Annotated “Help on the Way”.