Canopy Scientific Carbon Offset

Okay, this is way cool. North Carolina landowners may soon have access to carbon markets. This means that private landowners would be able to conserve forest lands by allowing their trees to do what they do so well — absorb and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Canopy Scientific, a student-led group from Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, won $25K as the first Runner-up in the 2015 SECU Emerging Issues Prizes for Innovation competition. Their intention is to implement reliable and cost effective measurement of forest carbon, allowing landowners to participate in lucrative carbon projects that pay them not to cut or develop their forestland.

Learn more in this video created by Aaron Berdanier, a Ph.D. student in Forest Ecology at Duke University. We will certainly be contacting Canopy Scientific to see what they can offer our forestry and land management clients.

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