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The Birth of A Bee

Our friends at found some brood on a honeycomb frame.  They saved the brood from the honey extractor, but not before taking a few stills of a hatching apis mellifera ligustica.  They created a quick one-minute (and, in their words,  “decidedly unprofessional slide show”).  Check it out, it’s as quick as the flight of a […]

Italian bees are a great species for the new beekeeper.

Hiving the Queen: Starting a Bee Hive

Today Grateful Trees and Bees hived two new queens with the assistance of our youngest beekeeper. For our clients who will soon be starting hives of your own, here’s a sneak peak photo journey into the process. For more pictures, Like us on Facebook.  The wooden and mesh box is a 3lb. package of bees.  […]

Beekeeper with Queen Cell


Why Become a Backyard Beekeeper?

Bees are responsible for pollinating one third of our nation’s food supply: all those vegetables, fruits and nuts that we depend on.  Since 2006 ten million hives have been lost nationwide to colony collapse disorder.  Thankfully humans have been stepping up and starting backyard bee hives in great numbers.  A backyard bee hive can’t by […]