Consulting Forestry

North Carolina Forest Management

Forestry-Timber-SalesGrateful Trees & Bees is honored to serve North Carolina landowners with the following forestry consulting services:

  • Stewardship Plans
  • Timber Appraisals
  • Timber Sales
  • Timber Taxation Recommendations
  • Timber Harvest Oversight
  • Reforestation Oversight
  • North Carolina Tree Farm Certification
  • Forest Product Inventories and Appraisals
  • Pulpwood Thinning
  • GIS and GPS Mapping
  • Watershed and Wildlife Prescriptions
  • Stream Restorations
  • Exotic Invasive Species Control

All services are provided by a North Carolina Registered Forester.

Sustainable Forestry

Forestry is the science and art of cultivating, maintaining and developing forests.  In the 21st Century, forestry’s key intentions must be site preservation and the maintenance of sustainable growth.  An actively managed forest enhances the productivity of the forest land, maintains habitats for species diversity and survival, preserves the watershed and creates a legacy for the seven generations to come.

In a sustainable forest as trees are felled and harvested for timber, they are replaced with seedlings that eventually grow into mature trees.  In a well managed forest, you will encounter trees of all ages and species.  In North Carolina, for example, sustainable forestry can actively manage mature oak and hickory forests instead of applying a cookie cutter, “cut and plant pine” approach.  The sustainable forest is a working land, a vibrant resource that provides not only wood products but also space for wildlife, recreation and natural preservation.  A forester’s job is to develop a relationship with both the forest land and the land owner so that he can craft management prescriptions tailored to the unique characteristics, personality and needs of both.

Grateful Trees & Bees’ Registered Forester, Jake Pressley, is at home in the woods — and his boots have walked many miles in the service of his passion for trees.  We welcome the opportunity to walk your land and work with you to meet your specific forest resource objectives.

Contact us today to initiate a conversation about your land.