Happy Thanksgiving from Grateful Trees and Bees

At Grateful Trees and Bees we’re pretty sure the first Thanksgiving was all about food.  Not the processed, packaged, gourmet epicurious.com variety.  No, we mean basic, simple food — whatever was successfully harvested, hunted, or gathered.

More, the first Thanksgiving was about the sharing of food.  It was about the hungry winter to come.  It was about survival.

In the 92 combined years our family has been blessed to walk the planet we have never gone hungry a single day.  We tell our children that we are wealthy beyond the kings and queens of old, beyond today’s 1% financial elite.

On this day of Thanksgiving, we raise our glass to each of you — our amazing clients, family and friends — with a wish for the years ahead:

“¡Que nunca tengas hambre!

May you never hunger!

¡Que nunca tengas sed!

May you never thirst!”

So mote it be.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Jake & Jennifer

© 2014 Grateful Trees & Bees

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