Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen Garden Services

All of our Garden Services are custom designed to meet your unique objectives.  Our intention is to empower you to enjoy scratching in the North Carolina clay as much as we do.  As with our beekeeping services, we aim to allow you to get involved in the process.  We want to take the mystery out of growing your own food.

For our clients who prefer to interact with their garden on a limited basis, we are also pleased to offer full-service packages where we will handle all aspects of installing and maintaining your garden.  We’ll even send someone out to do the harvesting for you on a weekly basis.  But most of our clients prefer to keep that rewarding task to themselves!  There is nothing quite like strolling in the backyard and picking food for that evening’s meal.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Site Consultation
  • Site Clearing
  • Soil Testing
  • Soil Preparation & Tilling
  • Raised Bed Installation
  • Fence Installation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Garden Planning & Seed/Plant Recommendations
  • Sowing, Weeding & Garden Maintenance
  • Cover Crops

What is a Kitchen Garden?

At Grateful Trees & Bees we hold a special place in our hearts — not to mention in our stomachs — for kitchen gardens.  We are passionate about offering services to help you install and tend a garden on your own property.  We believe that kitchen gardens have a powerful role to play in protecting our food supply for future generations and in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

A kitchen garden is simply a garden that provides food for your kitchen.  No yard is too small to host a kitchen garden.  It can be as small as a clay pot on your patio.  Veggies can be woven into the annual flower patch that borders your house.  Or you can till up every bit of your lawn.  We do offering one warning — turning lawn into garden can become addicting.  Don’t be surprised if your garden grows yearly.

Because a kitchen garden serves your kitchen, the vegetables, fruits and herbs you grow should be driven by your culinary tastes.  Our family is partial to Irish potatoes, dried beans, lima beans and carrots, so we devote a lot of garden space to those plants.  Your family may prefer to focus on leafy greens such as kale, spinach, chard and lettuce.  Or perhaps you simply want a corn patch for the kids to play hide and seek in.

In the Piedmont of North Carolina we are blessed with an unusually long growing season and it is often possible to grow three gardens annually — a spring garden, a summer garden and a fall garden.  So if your goal is like that for our family — growing all the vegetables and herbs your family needs — that diversity can also be achieved.

Regardless of what you choose to grow, we also strongly encourage you to plant some basic annual flowers and cover crops.  Zinnias, marigolds and sunflowers add color and beauty to your table and also attract beneficial insects.  Buckwheat is a fast growing cover crop that can be sown in warm weather.  Its flowers create a carpet of white and are a  favorite of bees.  A winter cover crop of rye, clover and hairy vetch brings a spark of green life to the usually brown, bare winter landscape and adds nutrients and organic matter to your soil.

Garden Services Pricing

All garden work begins with a site visit and client consultation.  We will then develop a custom plan designed to meet your unique objectives.  Pricing varies and is dependent on the size and type of garden, the materials selected, and the level of maintenance services requested.*

Contact us today for a custom kitchen garden quote.

*A Note on Grateful Trees & Bees Pricing: In an effort to allow a wide range of property owners to utilize our garden services, the labor for all services is quoted on a sliding scale.  The low end of the scale represents the minimum we are able to do the work for.  The high end of the scale represents the maximum we believe the job can be valued at.  You choose where you fit on the range of prices.  If you are on a fixed or low income you may choose a figure at the lower end of the scale.  If you have a regular, reliable income you may choose to pay at the high end of the range.  You are never asked to explain your choice.  Materials’ costs are quoted based on market price at the time we prepare the estimate.  While we are unable to offer a sliding scale for materials, we do try to provide our clients with a range of options and prices when applicable to the job.