Eastern Redbud, a North Carolina Native Tree

Through the Grateful Trees and Bees Meet Your North Carolina Native Trees blog series, we’ll introduce you to the native trees we consider our friends.* Cercis canadensis Common Name: Eastern Redbud, Redbud Native Range: Eastern North America from Southern Ontario, Canada to Northern Florida Zone: 4 to 9 Height @ 10 years: 16-feet Height @ Maturity: 20 to 30-feet […]

Eastern redbud blossom

Grateful Trees and Bees

Grateful Props

Our trucks aren’t new and our first uniforms were hand made. Our focus has always been on the work. With an aging fleet comes an intimate relationship with grime, rust, chipper parts, dirt and head scratching moments. There is also a small group of folks who keep us going every day. I want to take […]