Timber Sales

SONY DSCSelling Timber in North Carolina

Harvesting the timber on your land and selling it for profit is a complex process.  At Grateful Trees & Bees we approach each sale of timber as a fascinating puzzle.  Our goal is to maximize profit while meeting your resource objectives through best management practices.

We begin with a free, no obligation, onsite review of the timber to be sold.  This is our opportunity to get to know you, your land and your forest management objectives.

We will then craft a customized timber sale and related forest management plan. Depending on the type of timber to be sold and the attendant management objectives, we may recommend conducting a lump-sum sealed bid sale, a sealed bid by-the-unit sale or a negotiated by-the-unit sales.  Similarly, we will make recommendations for harvest method, such as clear-cutting, selective harvest, high-grading/residential harvest, or single-tree selection.  Depending on the type of timber, we will conduct either a full, 100% timber cruise measuring each tree we intend to market, or for larger tracts, we may perform a statistical sampling.

In mapping the timber sale area, we not only calculate the acreage to be sold, but also clearly mark the landscape.  We make sure to clearly flag all property lines and man made structures such as utilities.  We also have a keen eye to preserving the watershed and will act in accordance with North Carolina law to create a riparian buffer and with North Carolina Division of Water Quality guidelines as they pertain to logging in a river basin.

Once a harvest is underway, we believe in conducting multiple inspections of the harvest site.  This is not only to insure compliance to the terms of the sale contract by the buyer, but also to verify that the logger is employing best management practices.

Throughout we make the gathering and sharing of our knowledge a priority.  We believe that we can best serve as your advocate if you are well-informed and educated about all aspects of harvesting timber on your land.

Contact us today to schedule a free, onsite review of your timber lands.