Professional Tree Services

Tree Services Certified ArboristFor the Love of Trees

We are pleased to offer an array of services including tree health care, valuation and establishments.  Engage Grateful Trees and Bees for plantings; pruning and trimming; pest, insect and disease management; root and soil care, mulching and organic fertilization; tree removal and stump grinding; brush clearing; and woody debris recycling.  We also offer deliveries of seasoned firewood.

At GTB, we believe that most tree work does not require heavy equipment.  Instead, we employ simple machinery, human ingenuity and a heaping share of elbow grease.  When required, we engage the services of an equipment operator, but our objective is always to minimize the footprint our intervention makes on your land.

Grateful Trees and Bees carries general liability insurance for all arboriculture services.  An experienced International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist personally performs or oversees all operations.

Certified Arborist Climb and Piece Tree PruningEvery Tree Matters

No job is too small for GTB. We specialize in giving loving care to the individual tree that comprises our urban forest.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if your concern is centered on that single willow oak in your backyard that serves as a habitat for birds, squirrels and your children’s swing.

We will never recommend removal unless it is impossible to heal the specimen using cutting-edge arboriculture practices.  Often all a tree needs to recover its health is pruning, and soil and root restoration.  If we must recommend removal we will offer a range of re-planting options drawn from species native to the North Carolina Piedmont.

At GTB we also believe in using every part of any tree we must remove.  Therefore, we are always happy to leave micronutrients on site for our clients.  For example, we often cut and stack rounds for firewood.  Or we chainsaw mulch or chip woody tops and integrate them to our client’s site.

For complete removal, we truck woody debris to Gorilla Materials, Inc. who recycles it into wood chips and other by-products, so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

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