Tree Services

Professional Tree Services

Grateful Trees & Bees is pleased to offer the following tree services.  All arboriculture services are insured and performed by an experienced International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist:

  • Tree and Property Examinations and Consultations
  • Tree Care
    • Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning
    • Tree Pest and Insect Management
    • Tree Disease Management
    • Tree Root Care
    • Tree Mulching
    • Soil Care and Fertilization
  • Tree, Shrub and Bush Planting
  • Tree Removal and Tree Cutting
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal and Stump Grinding
  • Brush Cutting, Clearing and Removal
  • Firewood and Wood Chips

Willow Oak SwingUrban Forestry

While on a yard tree examination of a single tree, it became clear to Grateful Trees & Bees owner, Jake Pressley,  that in the urban setting it is imperative not to lose sight of the forest for the houses.

The trees in your yard are connected to the trees in your neighbors’ yards, to the trees in the local park, and to the trees in the median of the road.  All of those trees together comprise the urban “forest.”  In the urban environment the health of each and every tree has a vital role to play in the health of the overall ecosystem.

We are still blessed in North Carolina to enjoy vast green spaces and forest lands.  Yet little by little, human construction erodes our green landscape.  New subdivisions clear cut the land instead of situating homes amidst existing tree stands.  The black tar of our parking lots covers places where trees formerly thrived.  Nature, however, is nothing if not remarkably regenerative.  Landowners with a stewardship mindset can give Nature a helping hand, and have a positive effect on the ecosystems we all share.  Every tree matters.

No job is too small for Grateful Trees & Bees.  We specialize in giving loving care to the individual tree that comprises our urban forest.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if your concern is centered on that single willow oak in your backyard that serves as a habitat for birds, squirrels and your children’s swing.

We will never recommend tree removal unless it is impossible to heal the tree using cutting-edge arboriculture practices.  Often all a tree needs to recover its health is pruning, and soil and root restoration.  If we must remove a tree we will offer a range of re-planting options drawn from tree species native to the North Carolina Piedmont.

We also believe in using every part of any tree we must remove.  We can either haul away a fallen tree to recycle into firewood, garden mulch and sawdust on our own premises, or we’ll help do the same recycling processes right on your own land so you can use the wood products.

Tree Removal and Arboriculture Pricing

All tree work begins with a site visit, performed by a certified arborist.  If you are interested in tree planting, tree removal, stump grinding, or brush cutting, clearing or removal, we will come out to your property for free to conduct an assessment and provide you with a custom quote.

If you are interested in a tree or property consultation, also called a yard tree examination, typically intended to assess the health of a particular tree, trees, plants or shrubs, our certified arborist will perform a site visit and offer a professional recommendation for $75-$125*.  In  many cases the restorative work that the arborist will suggest can be done personally by the landowner.  Should you elect to hire Grateful Trees and Bees to perform the recommended work, your account will be credited the full consultation fee.

Contact us today for a custom professional tree services quote.

*A Note on Grateful Trees & Bees Pricing: In an effort to allow a wide range of property owners to give their trees the loving care they deserve, the labor for all services is quoted on a sliding scale.  The low end of the scale represents the minimum we are able to do the work for.  The high end of the scale represents the maximum we believe the job can be valued at.  You choose where you fit on the range of prices.  If you are on a fixed or low income you may choose a figure at the lower end of the scale.  If you have a regular, reliable income you may choose to pay at the high end of the range.  You are never asked to explain your choice.  Materials’ costs are quoted based on market price at the time we prepare the estimate.  While we are unable to offer a sliding scale for materials, we do try to provide our clients with a range of options and prices when applicable to the job.